Tutorial - Stamping Nail Art

Stamping Nail Art

This stamping nail art design is enhanced with a couple of dots and rhinestones.  I think it looks great when stamped over a gradient base color, but you could go with a one color base if you like.

You'll need a few tools for this tutorial - a stamp, scraper and image plate with a flower design on it. And a dotting tool - something like a toothpick will do fine for this.

Once you have the base color completed and dried, it will take approximately 20 minutes to finish. (Providing the stamping gods are playing nicely with you today). If not - it  may take you a little longer.

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Nail polishes: Plum and Black

Konad Image Plate m69

Stamper & Scraper


Dotting Tool - a toothpick will do for this.


I used O.P.I. - Plugged In Plum, Orly - Liquid Vinyl

(the products used in this tutorial were purchased by myself. None of the products  used were sent for review)

Stamping Nail Art - Colors Used

Konad Rhinestone Palette - Set 9

Stamping Nail Art - Rhinestones used

Equipment - Konad Stamping Nail Art Plate m69, stamp and scraper

Stamping Nail Art - Stamping equipment


Stamping Nail Art - Base color

Step 1: Start with a clear base coat and then apply your main base color.  

Then top this with three (3) coats of clear top coat.

(this is optional if you are really good at stamping - if not then this is your insurance should something go wrong when you stamp the image on your nail in the next step).

I've went with a gradient base color which will be my accent nail. If you are unsure of how to do a gradient - then the have a look at this page which includes steps for creating a gradient base.

This colors for this base were O.P.I. - Senorita Rose-Alita and Pink Friday.

Stamping Nail Art - Stamped design

Step 2:  Wait until your nails are dry, then stamp the flower chain design. 

If you are using a light main base color - then go for a darker color for the stamp. 

Or if you have opted for a darker base color - use a light color for the stamp.

Stamping Nail Art - Add enhancements

Step 3: Enhance the stamp with a couple of dots in the centre of the flowers.  And then add a couple of Rhinestones.

Go for a darker dot if your base color is light, or a light dot if your the main color is dark.

Finish with your favorite top coat to protect your nail art and help to prevent it from chipping.

Tutorial For Stamping Nail Art

Notes and Tips

  • You need you base color to be dry before stamping.  If it isn't, then you will end up squishing it.
  • If you are not happy with your stamped design, then you can remove it - if you have applied the three coats of top coat in step 1. Do this by gently rubbing it with some remover - don't leave the remover on it too long though or it will eat through the clear coats.
  • I initially tried this design with a silver stamp but found that it was lost in the light main color.  So I recommend a darker color be stamped on a lighter color and visa versa. 
  • Rolling your stamp slowly will help you pick up/transfer big stamp designs.
  • When placing your rhinestones, place a small dot of clear polish on the area where you want to put your rhinestone. I use a tooth pick for this. Then I also use it to pick up the rhinestone and place it.
  • Make sure you press down on the rhinestone - not too hard, but firmly.

Other Ideas

  • A lot of stamped nail art designs can be enhanced with dots, rhinestones or both.  
  • Combine this stamp with another - like this stamping nail art over on glitterm-younailedit blog


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